Installation, calibration of Horizon Setting/ Trimos at Hanwha Aero Engines

Recently, Tecotec Group installed & calibrated the Horizon Setting which designed & manufactured by Trimos who well known as a world-top manufacturer in length calibration instrument for Hanwha Aero Engines.

The Hanwha is a big aerospace instrument manufacturer in Korea. All of their product is requested of high accuracy, the Trimos instrument was chosen to use in their factory within this reason.

Horizon Setting/ Trimos

The Horizon Setting is one of product series which build Trimos brand. All of customer even difficult was satisfied by this product with two main benefit: absolute accuracy and easy in operation. The customer can use this instrument for checking, calibration of micrometer, caliper, indicator, bore gauge, large gauge…

Applications of Horizon Setting:

Calibration of bore gauge, caliper

Calibration of external micrometer, indicator

Calibration of internal micrometer, large gauge

Source: EMC


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