MEIRITZ - Vibration isolation technologi with many applications

Today, with the use of the product measurements with high accuracy microscopes, telescopes, hardness tester, CMM... developing fast.

These equipments have a general requirement that the pedestal rigid, stable to proceed. But the fact there are so many sources of vibration that we can not perceive as vibrate by sound waves, vibration by the movement, seismic vibration….. These external effects can cause false results unnecessary and can cause a big impact.



So we need a device to create a balance for machinery operation, catch up this requirements, Meiritz manufacturer - Japan has developed product lines antivibration table.


Established since 1971, more than 40 years of experience with top experts, Meiritz products always meet the needs of the most discerning customers.

With advanced technology, Meiritz produce many lines vibration table different for many require the use:

  • AYA, AY, RHS used for measuring microscope and laser, optical and optoelectronic.
  • AVT and ADZ-A3 use in medical applications, bio.
  • ADZ-A4, ADZ- A5 used in optical test and semiconductor industrial.
  • CMM machine used series AVT, AET, ADZ-A6, hardness measuring instrument used series FD, B-300N.

From universities, laboratories and hospitals to factories, device's antivibration table of Meiritz can be used spacious and offers high efficiency.



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