MS System of Inframet/Poland - accuracy, optimized testing system for testing multi-sensor surveillance systems

Inframet is one of top world leaders in equipment for testing electro-optical surveillance systems(thermal imagers, TV cameras, night vision devices, SWIR imagers, laser range finders, laser pointers,laser designators). Our test systems can be found in over 40 countries of the world.

Inframet offers both systems optimized for testing testing multi-sensor systems or a series of imaging systems: JT test system or MS test system

JT test systems are simple systems optimized to carry out boresight and basic testing of multi-sensor surveillance systems.

MS test systems are sophisticated test systems deisgned to enable expandedtesting and boresight of multi-sensor surveillance systems (thermal imagers, TV cameras, LLLTV cameras, SWIR cameras, laser range finders, laser pointers/illuminators)

In general MS test system works as an image projection (in spectral range from visible to far infrared) combined with optical power meters/analyzers, and image processing system for images from tested imagers or from test cameras. The MS test system is one of the most technically sophisticated test systems offered by Inframet. It is recommended used for testing high value multi-sensor surveillance systems (payloads) used for long range surveillance in air, naval and ground applications.

Next news, we will present more detail about block of system and testing capabiliities of MS System.

Source: EMC Dept.


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