GOSSEN METRAWATT’S Expert came and worked with TECOTEC

​In late November, TECOTEC had the opportunity to meet and work with Mr. Thomas Harbermann – Head of International Sales of GOSSEN METRAWATT .

Gossen Metrawatt is belonging to The GMC Instruments Gorup - the international Brand stand for innovation and quality in the capital goods market in the field of electronics. In 1992, Gossen Metrawatt was formed by merging GUGGENHEIMER AG (METRAWATT AG - established in 1906) and Paul Gossen Co. K.G. (established in 1919), the two huge company manufactoring electrical measuring instruments of Gemany. GOSSEN METRAWATT is a leader in the field of  measuring and test instruments and stands for electrical safety, energy management solutions and power supplies.

At the meeting, Mr. Thomas had a short training for sales staffs of TECOTEC and introduce the new products of GOSSEN METRAWATT:

  •  Power Disturbance and Power Quality: MAVOWATT SERIES
  • Test Instrument for Testing Electrical Devices, Medical Devices and Welding Units: SECUTEST PRO
  • Lab Power Supplies, Programmable, PF Corrected: SYSKON SERIES



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