TECOTEC completely delivery EDX LE X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for Wisol

On Sept 04st-05th/July/2016, technician of environment and testing analysis department completed installation and technical transfer a EDX LE X-ray fluorescence spectrometry for Wisol Hanoi Co., LTD, VSIP, Bac Ninh. Wisol Hanoi Co., LTD is a member of Wisol Korean corporation, the forefront of the field of wireless solutions and communication signals. Therefore, the content of hazarous elements in products are very important factors to evalute product quality.

EDX-LE is a X-ray fluorescence spectrometry made by Shimadzu-Japan, some of EDX-LE’s properties:

  • Screening of RoHS/ELV and Supports Various Applications
  • High Sensitivity with SSD Detector − Lower Limit of Detection Improved 1.5 to 5 Times
  • High Speed − Throughput Increased by up to a Factor of 10
  •  Automatic aging X-ray tube if long time no used the machine 
  • High Resolution, no need liquid nitrogen
  • Equipping door interlock mechanism against X-ray exposure
  • Easy to maintain.

Source: ETA


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