Core Values

Quality – Creates Brand

We always try our best to bring the highest quality products, the most professional services and the most appropriate solutions for customers needs. For that  reason, TECOTEC brand is always associated with the criteria – Quality is on the top.

Prestige - Creates Values

Honesty and trust are two top criteria through all transactions with customers and our partners, from international transactions, consulting solutions and providing & handing to customers service. For us, prestige is the key to our sustainable development.

Innovation - Making differences

TECOTEC is one of the very few private organization which is invested 5% of the profits in Research and Development (R & D) and training to dominate the technology and promote creativity. Therefore, we are not only simply provide the device, but also provide additional added value in exploitation and application devices of TECOTEC that has made the great differences.

Solidarity - Creates Success

Understanding People are the key factor that decide the success of an enterprise, we always notice about the Corporate culture  to ensure TECOTEC is a solidarity, unity, professionalism and discipline organization.



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