Human recource

Considering human resources as its most valuable asset, TECOTEC Group is oriented to build employee teams that are not only knowledgeable and enthusiastic but also creative and with a sense of responsibility to maintain the company’s position as a leading a technology business in Vietnam.

TECOTEC Group ‘s recruitment target is to welcome all applicants who wish to work in a dynamic, effective and innovative environment. We create opportunity and trust for each individual so that they can maximize their capabilities and specialized knowledge at work.

Therefore, TECOTEC Group has always maintained steady and constant development in human resources over the past 20 years. From an initial 13 employees in 1996, TECOTEC Group’s staff and member companies have reach a current level of 225 employees.

  1. TECOTEC Group: 135 people
  2. TECOTEC Distribution: 25 people
  3. TECOTEC e-Commerce: 20 people
  4. TECOTEC Logistics: 10 people
  5. TECOTEC Invesment: 20 people
  6. TECOTEC HCM: 15 people

With good language skills and strong specialized knowledge, TECOTEC Group’s employees have graduated from both prestigious domestic and foreign universities in majors that are compatible with company’s sphere of operations. This is solid base for the company’s activities:

  •     01 Ph.D. in Water Resources.
  •     01 Ph.D. in Biotechnology.
  •     04 Master of Hydrology and Environment, Business Administration, Construction, Electronics.
  •    25 Overseas graduates in engineering majors: Electrical, Electronics - Telecommunications, Electrical engineering, Radio, Mechatronics, Chemical Technology, Environment, Communications and others have graduated from universities such as: the Karlsruhe University ( Germany), Nottingham University (UK); University of Engineering and Applied Economics Berlin (Germany), Utrecth University (Netherlands), Ngee Ann Polytechnic University (Singapore).
  •     125 Engineers specialize in: Electrical, Electronics - Telecommunications, Electrical engineering, Radio, Electronic Engineering, Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Material Metal and others. They have graduated from such universities as: Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology , Da Nang University, University of Communications and Transportation; Military Technical Academy, The University of Science, Hanoi University of Industry Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, ...
  •     46 Bachelors specialize in: Commerce, Accounting, Finance, external economic relations, Foreign Languages, Office Administration, Human Resource Management, Business Administration and others. They have graduated from such universities as:  University of Commerce, Foreign Trade University; Academy of Finance; University of Languages and International Studies, National Economics University; University of Social Sciences and Humanities, ...

TECOEC continuously invests in training staff on sales training programs, service training and applications training in the US, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia to update staff on the newest technology information and provide the most effective customer service.

  • Shimadzu Brand: Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (machine EDX-7000/8000); Sequential X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF-1800); Optical Emission Spectrometer (PDA-5000/7000/8000); Micro-focus X-Ray Inspection System (SMX-800); ...
  • Agilent Brand: Oscilloscope; Signal analyzer; Power meter; Handheld spectrum analyzer; ...
  • TDK Brand: Electromagnetic compatibility testing system.
  • Qmax Brand: Automatic semiconductor components testing system; The automatic triaxial XYZ board checking system; automatic board checking system; ...
  • Osaka Seimitsu Kikai firm: CNC automatic gear measuring machine (CLP-35); Gear rolling tester (GTR-4, GTR-4LS).
  • Glory brand: Bank Note Sorter, Bank Note Counter (UW-500, GFS120)...

The aim of TECOTEC training policy is building and developing employees who have solid expertise, a professional working ethic and a strong enthusiasm for serving customers.

TECOTEC'S HR Plan for the 2016-2020 period

Base on the needs of developing the company's human resources, TECOTEC Group is actively and positively applying many flexible solutions to find its human resources.

Beside focusing on training employees in working ability and necessary skills, TECOTEC prioritizes training managers with a full set of soft skills such as interviewing, evaluating work implementation, guidance, training and developing staffs, etc.

According to the development plan for 2016-2020, the number of TECOTEC employees will reach up to over 300 staff, with the company focusing on developing both the quantity and quality of our professional engineers.


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