Currently, water sources are seriously polluted. Actual data shows that in recent years the number of people infected by the dirty water source is increasing every day. According to Vietnamnet, 80% of diseases come from polluted water and environment. Every year in Vietnam, about 9,000 people die due to poor water supply, 200,000 new cancer cases are discovered. There are 37 cancer villages due to polluted water sources.

Some other domestic water sources are often contaminated with alum, arsenic, ammonium, pesticides, ... at very high indicators directly threatening user health; not to mention the case of water pipes can often crack, causing bacteria and metals to contaminate water sources more seriously. Pollutants can appear anywhere in the water supply system from water plants to households as well as to agencies: water supply pipelines, appliances such as faucet, shower, ...

Fig 1. Image of contaminant

Fig 2. Image of contaminant

Data analysis results by FTIR and EDX of contaminant in Fig 1

Based on analysis results by FTIR and EDX, the source of the pollutants was determined.

The shower head was disassembled further and the filter and other parts analyzed by FTIR spectroscopy. The spectra obtained for Contaminant showed similarities to the spectra obtained from a rubber gasket. The ATR spectra obtained are shown in above picture was identified as a fragment of this rubber gasket that had attached itself to the inside of the shower head. (Source contaminant in Fig 1.)

Water supply pipes are made from vinyl chloride, while vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymers are commonly used as seal materials at connection points. Contaminant is presumed to be a piece of this seal material that has flaked off into the water due to degradation occurring over time. (Source contaminant in Fig 2.)

This further confirms Shimadzu's analyzer line: EDX and FTIR are fully capable of meeting the needs of rapid analysis in water quality control, helping to detect the original source. pollution is easy and accurate, helping to improve the quality and control of pollution that is a top concern of many countries.

Source: ETA


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