Made of granite, free from deterioration or dimensional change over time, minimal changes in dimension due to temperature changes. Use to set the details with high precision on measurement and inspection.


Granite Surface Plates are manufactured in five grades. The typical application of these five grades of plates is as below :

1. GRADE 00 as per DIN : 876 : 84 is of laboratory grade. It is specified for precision measurement in gauge rooms and metrology laboratories for calibration masters in temperature controlled environments.

2. GRADE 0 is of inspection grade. It is specified for general work in quality control.

3. GRADE 1 is of toolroom grade for shop work and production. It is  usually kept on the workshop floor allowing machine operators to quickly check part quality

4. GRADE 2 & 3 are intended for use in workshops for general inspection. The choice of Grade 2 & 3 will depend on the application needs of the customer.

Flatness Tolerance

The flatness deviation of a local area of 250 mm x 250 mm of the working surface shall not exceed :

1. 3.0 µm for plates of Grade 00

2. 3.5 µm for plates of Grade 0

3. 7.0 µm for plates of Grade 1

4. 15.0 µm for plates of Grade 2

5. 30.0 µm for plates of Grade 3

INSIZE Granite Surface Plate

INSIZE presents Granite Surface Plate Grade 00 and Garde 0. Furthermore, INSIZE supplies special sizes according to customer’s request.

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