KNX Installation bus system Model 41 220 KNX Professional Programming Board

Bus systems are of increasing importance in building automation. ELABO Trainings system has developed a high-quality training system for vocational and further education and qualification of skilled workers which is suitable for imparting the fundamentals of this topic as well as the knowledge for handling complex systems.

The KNX/EIB training system is equipped with a great variety of common components providing not only the basic functions, but also current functions of modern technology. They include among others:

  • Staircase controls
  • Light scenes
  • Dimming
  • Blind control
  • Shutter control
  • Logical operations

KNX programming environment

PC visualizations can nowadays be found in a lot of functional buildings. The training of their use and above all their programming has therefore become quite important. Reason enough for ELABOTrainingssysteme to offer an advanced visualization software as a project.

The ETS4.x is a software that is required for projecting and programming the bus participants. The program components are started from an interface.

For programming the bus participants, the product database of the individual manufacturers is also required. The actual possibilities for programming are given in the manufacturer databases.


  • Configuration and commissioning automation solutions in residential and functional buildings
  • Functions for resetting and restoring
  • Full drag & drop functionality
  • Editing feature within the working window
  • Clear display of the parameters
  • Connection with the bus via USB interface, network or internet
  • Reports for project documentation
  • Administration of different project databases

Source: TECOTEC Da Nang


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