Overview: Lifeboat Navigation Assistant

The Scanmatic Lifeboat Navigation Assistant (LNA) assists the lifeboat pilot in the emergency escape procedure by providing servo steering, visual navigation aid, autopilot functionality and Automatic Identification System (AIS) information.

The illustration above shows an overview of the components used in a generic installation of the system. The connections of the hydraulic servo system, the LNA gyro unit and the AIS system are shown in black, blue and red, respectively. The LNA system is automatically turned on when the lifeboat’s power is turned on.

The LNA system incorporates a modified  electrohydraulic power steering system from Sleipner Motor AS which reduces the number of wheel turns when steering. Without this system the helm would require approximately 15-20 turns for a full rudder rotation, compared to 4 with the inclusion of the power steering system. The system also reduces the necessary force required to turn the helm, making the lifeboat much easier to operate for the lifeboat pilot.

The steering system also facilitates the use of the LNA autopilot functionality.

10 seconds after free fall is detected (or the “Lock Direction”-button is pressed in the case of lowering), the LNA gyro unit signals the servo system to steer in the direction indicated by the LNA heading display. The lifeboat will then autonomously autopilot itself in the same direction for 10 minutes, or until the lifeboat pilot deactivates the LNA autopilot by again pressing the “Autopilot ON/OFF”-button.

Scanmatic AIS: The Scanmatic AIS (Automatic Identification System) system is a separate, stand-alone system, which provides information about the lifeboat’s position to the coordinating rescue team. It provides a heightened situational awareness for the lifeboat pilot.

Source: RSI


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