Solar concepts learning system Model 950-SC1

Solar energy is being used in a broad range of applications across industry and residences alike. From heating water for home use to creating utility scale electricity –solar energy application is growing. Understanding the basics of how we can harness solar energy is essential for technicians, engineers, installers, designers, builders, and others who want to apply solar technology either professionally or personally.

Amatrol’s 950-SC1 Solar Concepts Learning System introduces students to a broad range of basic concepts in solar energy and technology. Photovoltaic and thermal solar systems are introduced to students. They learn how to translate lacation, sun, and technology into practical applications. The 950-SC1 acts as a foundation for stydents in solar technology. Solar Concepts includes student curriculum in PC based,interactive multimedia format as well as an instructor’s assessment guide.

Learning topics:

  • Solar Energy System
  • AC & DC Photovoltaic Systems
  • Solar Industry
  • Passive & Active Water Heating
  • Space Heating & Cooling
  • Solar irradiance
  • Peak Sun
  • Global Positioning
  • Solar Time
  • Sun Path
  • Array Orientation
  • Insolation Data

Interactive, Engaging Multimedia

Amatrol’s interactive multimedia provides an engaging, simulating experience for students. The Solar Concepts Learning System includes interactive computer-based instruction with both theory and hand-on tutorials consisting of text, digital video, voice, online self-review tests, interactive simulations, color diagrams and color photo. Amatrol’s strong interactive multimedia includes visual, auditory, and text based learning styles to reinforce each other in well organized learning segment.

Using Solar Technology to Capture Solar Energy – Location Makes a Different!

Siting a solar array or understanding how much energy you can capture from an array in a specific location requires background provided by Amatrol’s Solar Concept. The type of application also plays a strong role. With the 950-SC1, students learn how to site an array with optimum orientation as well as determine the insolation, which varies significantly from place to place.

Optional 95-SIP1 Solar Instruments Package

The 950-SC1 Solar Concepts Learning System teaches students to use a variety of instruments required to apply solar technology. These virtually developed skills can be reinforced with hands-on application through the optional 95-SIP1 Solar Instruments Package. The Package contains a pyranometer, global positioning system (GPS), inclinometer and compass. Students will learn how to translate the virtual skills to actual instruments and apply them to solar technology systems. All of these are required to properly orient arrays


Student Curriculum

PC-Based Multimedia, 1 Seat, M20016. Includes (5) interactive multimedia curriculum modules covering Solar Industry Basics, Types of Solar Technology Systems, PV and Thermal Component Introduction, Solar Energy Terminology, Environmental Issues, Use of Pyranometers, GPS, Inclinometers and Compasses, Array Orientation, and Solar Intensity Calculations.

Instructor’s Assessment Guide, C20016

Additional Multimedia Seats Available


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