TECOTEC Group handovers the Universal Length Measuring Device Labconcept Premium 1000/ TRIMOS (Swiss) at QUATEST 2

​Labconcept Premium is one of three main models in the Labconcept Series of Trimos SA, including Labconcept, Labconcept Premium, Labconcept Nano which have a very  high accuracy (up to 0.07 µm + L / 2000 with the Labconcept Nano), we can say this is one of the most accurate universal length measuring device in the world at the present time.

Labconcept Premium 1000 is a Universal Length Measuring Device, used almost in the laboratory (LAB), although this is not the highest version, but with accuracy (0.15 µm + L / 2000), this device has the ability to test most of the length measuring devices such as gauge block, plug gauge, ring gauge, thread ring gauge, micrometer, indicator, ...

Sturdy - solid structure, accurate - stable measurement that is the common perception of the technical staffs of TECOTEC Group as well as the technical staff of the Center for Standard Metrology and Quality 2 (QUATEST 2) when participating in the installation, inspection and operation of Universal Length Measurement Device Labconcept Premium 1000 made by TRIMOS / Switzerland.

Figure 1: Universal Measuring Device Labconcept Premium 1000

Figure 2: Checking of gauge block

Figure 3: Checking of thread ring gauge

Equipped with Labconcept Premium 1000 Universal Length Measuring device, the length measurement capability of QUATEST 2 has been raised to a new higher level, contributing to ensure the performance of the function of State management of Standards, Metrology and Quality; doing scientific research and providing technical services as the request of organizations and individuals in the country.

TECOTEC Group is very proud to be the exclusive distributor of Trimos SA - the leading manufacturer of Universal Measuring device in over the world. Therefore, in addition to constantly promoting the role of being the bridge to bring the essence of length measurement technology of the world to the reality of domestic production, we also put a great attention in deputing our technical engineers to the training courses at the manufacturers to ensure the best service to customers.

Figure 4: Training the operators

Figure 5: The operators are practicing the Labconcept Premium 1000

Source: EMC


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