The conference: “The rail driving simulation system” (Part 1) At the subdivisions of The North

Vietnamese economic and population is increasing day by day in the major cities, that’s why the demand for infrastructure, transportation becomes more necessary than ever. Therefore, the project on the lines of public transport urban by The Government is under construction. However, Vietnam does not have any training center to serve the urban rail industry. The requirements for human resource are: Coordination Center staff, Department of Management Train Drivers, Passengers Center ... and especially driving employee.

Realizing the necessary of training centers and training system train drivers, Tecotec combined with experts from Sydac company of Knorr-Bremse Group organizing the conference to introduce " The rail driving simulation system for training drivers in the urban rainroads" in the first week of November.

Seminar opening held at the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, Hanoi with the participation of the General Director, Vice General Director and the members of railway projects under the Ministry of Transport.


Subsequently, the conference was held at 2 major universities specializing in training for Transport and railway in Hanoi. The conference have impressed and attracted the attention of the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of railway Department and a large number of faculty.


The seminar in the North was held successfully thanks to the efforts, enthusiasm of TECOTEC  technical staff and the fully support from the manufacturer Sydac.

Source: EMC


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