Three Phase Power Calibrator and Tester of Power Engineering Devices

The C300B enables automatic testing with calculating of errors and standard deviation:


  • 3-phase voltage source up to 560V
  • 3-phase current source up to 120A and 1-phase up to 360A
  •  Single pair of current sockets for each current outputs 
  • Accuracy class 0.02% or 0.05% to calibrate digital instruments 
  • Single product in a single case without auxiliary amplifiers
  • High burden of outputs to drive older analogue instruments
  •  Manual mode and automatic test procedures

The C300B Calibrator and Tester is used for calibration and testing a wide range of measuring instruments used in power engineering and enables testing:

AC voltmeters, AC ammeters, frequency meters, phase angle meters, power factor meters, clamps meters and much more,


Electricity meters EN 50470 with accuracy relative to an internal reference of the C300B (or relative to an external reference meter) including: measure the basic error and influence of frequency, voltage, self-heating, distortion,…, checking the starting current and no-load run.


Electrical measuring transducers for converting a.c. electrical quantities EN 60688 (voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, phase angle, power factor).


Current instrument transformers EN 60044 including measure the accuracy of current and phase angle as well as burden measurement.


Current clamps with AC & DC voltage and current output including measure the accuracy of current and phase angle.


Protective relays EN 60255 including checking of tripping time and tripping level characteristics of ANSI#21 Distance relays, ANSI#27/59 Under/over voltage relays, ANSI#32 Directional power relays, ANSI#50/51 Time overcurrent relays, ANSI#81 Frequency relays and more protective relays.

Software of C300B is designed simple, easily for use. With software installed on PC, user can set parameters of electrical to implement meansurement or calibration devices. The results is displayed following in form of table or graphic and can exported  for report.

The results in form of Table

The results in form of Graphic


Examples about applications of C300B.


Curent clamp

Electricity meter

Current Transformer



Source: TMC


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