Ultrasonic flowmeter of Tokyo - Keiki

Flow measurement plays an important role, not only because it serves the purpose of  inventory  and measurement but also because of its applications in system automation of the production process, especially in Technology Petrochemical.

Sensors for industrial flowmeter is installed in high noise environments and often pulse pressure. This requires that the flow meter sensor to normal operation both with and compensate voltage pulse interference to ensure signal given measure with high precision. Therefore, equipment manufacturers flowmeter always appreciated the performance and precision of these products, which should highlight the product line ultrasonic flowmeter of Tokyo - Keiki with many advantages as:

- High precision

- Eliminating the influence of toxic substances on human health

- The independent test results compared to shape the flow

- No need to cut or destroy a system component…

Some of the equipment featured flowmeter:


Flowmeter in line ULF-20 and UFW-100

Source: ETA

Flowmeter in tank MRG -10


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