UPVC Door and Windows physical property tester according TCVN-7452 Standards

Introduction uPVC Door and Window physical property tester


UPVC Door and Window Physical Property Tester is is the latest computer control door and window testing equipment.

This series machines are applicable for the physical property test of building outer windows. It can simulate ambient conditions effect on door and window structures such as wind pressure resistance ability, air tightness and water tightness. It is an ideal testing instrument for project quality testing section, product quality testing section of building, …

Application testing standard

  • Air tightness testing according TCVN 7452-1: 2004 standards (equivalent to EN 1026: 2000 standards)
  • Water tightness testing according TCVN 7452-2: 2004 standards (equivalent to EN 1027: 2000 standards)
  • Wind pressure resistance ability testing according TCVN 7452-3: 2004 standards (built on the ISO 6612: 2000 standards)

Control software on computers

This is an integration software controls to communicate with the device over the LAN standards.

Control software can display the parameters during the test as pressure of wind and the air flow the change of the displacement sensor mounted on the door or window, …

The operator can work directly on the software to controls the device operation and can simultaneously track the evolution process of the ongoing testing program with realistic simulations of software testing.

Source: Tecotec Da Nang


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