The MIG/MAG welding practice on virtual welding equipment permits to reduce the welding practice training cost while the welding training quality is raised.

The virtual MIG/MAG welding equipment includes the hardware that is the virtual MIG/MAG welding machine and the software to simulate, control and evaluate the welding process. The virtual MIG/MAG welding machine allows learners to practise the operations and skills as the real welding. The virtual MIG/MAG welding software will display the evaluation parameters of practician’s current operations in order that learners can adjust immmediatly their welding manipulations.

At the end of practice lesson, the virtual MIG/MAG welding software will assess the practice lesson results, so learners can learn from mistakes for the next practices.


  • Realistic, hands-on welding training – straightforward, fast, and safe
  • MIG/MAG, TIG and MMA
  • Screen-based learning is the most effective – no additional accessories like a workpiece or helmet are required
  • Intuitive operation/menus for the torch – neither mouse nor keyboard are needed
  • Independent control boosts learning effectiveness
  • Replaces time-consuming, costly welding experiments and reduces material expenses for training by up to 35 %
  • Conserves resources and protects the environment

            Fields of Application:

  • Basic and advanced training
  • Refresher courses for welders
  • Training for new welding tasks
  • Test and train production methods

Source: TECOTEC Da Nang


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